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Holland Horticulture Q&A (Shop of the Month)

Posted: 8 months ago

Meet Holland Horticulture – Retailer of the Month Q&A

Who is Holland Horticulture?

Established in 1996, Holland Horticulture is the UK’s leading stockist of specialised horticultural equipment. We started our business in Heywood and now have 3 stores located in Manchester, Huddersfield, and Burnley along with our web store

Our motto is “Grow with us... It’s easy!” where we strive to give the best customer service possible and earn the trust and respect of our customers.

By offering the best service we have built a great reputation over a number of years within the industry.

How did you get such a huge Instagram following?

We have worked hard to grow our Insta community by featuring out trustworthy products, running giveaways, and keeping the marketing engaging and interesting for our followers. They can also learn a vast amount of information about the products that we feature and how to use them correctly to get the best results! Our customer service continues through our social channels by always responding to every customer product query and feedback.

Give us a growing tip you think our followers should know?

One we would suggest which can make a huge difference in your results, would be to always make sure your temperatures & relative humidity are within the correct range at each stage of the grow. This will ensure your plants can thrive to their best abilities and can prevent any issues arising throughout duration of your plant’s life cycle.

What is your favourite product in the SHOGUN range?

Katana Roots has to be one of our favourites due to the amazing results we have seen & achieved using this product. It’s not only the results that make this product stand out. The dilution rate at 0.25ml per/L makes this excellent value. We’ve also used this in all mediums and hydroponic systems with no problems whatsoever! So, whichever method of growing you use, this product is perfect for them all.

How is life after lockdown any changes?

We have adapted very successfully and recently launched a Click & Collect service in the Manchester and Huddersfield stores for those customers that want to make their purchases safely and quickly.

We have also introduced an array of digital payment methods which make the ordering smoother and easier than ever before.

We definitely realised how powerful the internet and online shopping was during lockdown and we are constantly improving our website to deliver the best possible service and shopping experience.

Is there anything you are promoting currently, anything fun to keep an eye out for?

I’m glad you asked! We have recently launched our very own coco: Kaizen coco which comes as a 70l bag for your established plants and works great alongside the Shogun Coco feed. We also have some fantastic dealer days coming up across all of our 3 stores. (Can we add link to the blog post here? ) As well as this, we launch a Manager’s Special both in-store and online each month so keep a look out.

What makes Holland Horticulture different to everyone else?

With 25 years of experience in the industry we can honestly say that we offer the best in product knowledge, service, and pricing due to our price match service.

Our flagship store: Manchester is still referred to by the reps as one of the best in the business and we have recently invested heavily into it to ensure our customers have an outstanding shopping experience.

  • Superior Product
    Made in Britain
  • Supercharging Plant
    Growth Innovation
  • Research Driven by
    Dr. Callie Seaman
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    Party Lab Tested