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Jungle Juice Q&A

Posted: 6 months ago

Meet Jungle Juice Hydroponics – Retailer of the Month Q&A

Who is Jungle Juice?

We are a large shop based in Wolverhampton/Bilston. We cater to everyone, from the 1 plant guy, to the commercial grower. We stock everything (that's worth stocking)

How did you get your first few customers?

Word of mouth. We have both lived in the area all our lives, so we told everyone we could, who helped spread the word and the customers started coming in.

Give us a growing tip you think our followers should know?

It gets said a lot, but it often falls on deaf ears. ENVIRONMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. The amount of times people come in and ask for a miracle nutrient, to make their flowers bigger, more fragrant and denser is mind boggling. So I usually ask what temp/humidity they are running at, with lights on/off and most can't answer. Make sure your extraction is oversized and with a high quality fan controller and you should always be running great. Prepare for those high heat weeks we get and it will mitigate any issues. The controller will do all the hard work for you. All you need from there is to feed your plants a decent nutrient and you will consistently do great

How is life after lockdown any changes?

The only real change we see is the massive increase of debates about how great/shit the government is, vaccine/no vaccine and generally how many "experts" there are everywhere. We just keep going and treat everyday, as a normal day

Is there anything you are promoting currently, anything fun to keep an eye out for?

Nothing in particular. The LED revolution has changed the market somewhat and I'm hoping the prices off them can drop, substantially, to make them more available to the hobbyists

What is your favourite products in the SHOGUN range?

Dragon force I'd say is the one that impresses me most of all. We love it as a gateway product, to get people on the range, as the results are there for everyone to see

What makes Jungle Juice different to everyone else?

We don't really pay enough attention, to how everyone else operates, to say.  We just find what works for us, and our customers, and try our best to accommodate everyone's needs

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