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The MasterShop

Posted: 10 months ago

If you haven't seen or heard yet, we have officially launched our partnership program:
The MasterShop

We've taken the feedback from our shops, reviewed the current industry standards, and created a loyalty program like no other.

We want to benefit and reward our shops with various incentives, discounts, and bonuses. All while helping them grow their business both with Shogun and individually.

It’s quite simple: spend more, save more, get more.

Unlock your full potential and grow your Shogun partnership with our MasterShop.
What are the key benefits for a shop joining the MasterShop loyalty program?

By joining the program and becoming an official MasterShop, your shop will receive several benefits and opportunities. You can get a fixed discount for up to 24 months: the amount dependent on which level you reach. Alongside the annual discount, you receive guaranteed marketing support including bespoke campaigns, social media activities, innovative POS, and curated product sampling.

I'm a shop currently stocking Shogun products, how do I become a MasterShop?

The MasterShop features three levels/tiers based on your annual, cumulative spend with Shogun Fertilisers. We evaluate your annual spend eligibility at the end of each month. The discount is granted from the start of the next month and valid until the end of the calendar year PLUS the entire following year.

I'm currently not spending enough for the 1st tier, is there anything I can do to increase my spending?

We have support in place for new stockists and stores just starting to spend with us. Your dedicated sales representative, as well as your distributor, will be knowledgeable of all the campaigns, sampling and opportunities we have on at the moment that will help push you to reach the MasterShop.

This all sounds great. How do I get started?

Speak to your local sales representative or just chat with us on our website's chatbot. We can help you find your current spend and work with you to reach your shop's full potential! That way you can enjoy the discounts, marketing support and the benefits of being part of the #ShogunClan

Find our MasterShop full T&C's here.

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