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Why SHOGUN’S PK Warrior Should Be On Every Grower’s Shopping List

Posted: 25 days ago

Every grower reaches a point - especially early in their growing career - when they’ve chosen their growing system, medium, lights, and ventilation amongst all the other bells and whistles, and then find themselves confronted with what seems like a thousand and one fertiliser options. There are A+B, calmag, silicon, flower bloom boosters, coco specialist nutrients and many more. The volume of products can be bewildering; there are 16 different plant nutrients, with specific combinations proving key to optimising plant development and yields. It can be taxing for beginners to intermediate growers alike, especially when one fertiliser might be great for your plants’ growth phase but might not be so suitable for the flowering phase. It’s not always as simple as taking one bottle into the shower – it’s not actually possibly to simply wash and go!

So you may be forgiven for seeing PK Boosters on the shelf and giving a weary shrug. Are PK boosters really necessary? To which the answer is; well yes. Used during the flowering phase, PK boosters are an absolute must if you’re serious about maximising your yields and boosting fruit and flower production. So to help clarify why you really need to consider adding a PK booster to your shopping list, here are the Top Five Reasons you need a PK Booster (or more specifically – SHOGUN’s PK Warrior)

1. What is a PK Booster?

Even the most part-time of hobby growers will likely guess that “PK” refers to phosphorous and potassium. While nitrogen is vital during vegetative growth, phosphorus plays a more significant role in the transfer of energy during the flowering phase of your plants’ growth and is crucial for healthy cell development, leading to enhanced size and a superior quality of your crop. Potassium meanwhile boosts growth, increases the sturdiness of your plants, and generates sugar production, leading to better flavour. Combined, the change these nutrients create in your plants’ chemistry induces early onset flowering, and because your plants have a longer period in which to develop and reach their full potential, buds are bigger and fruit yields are greatly improved.

In addition to these two essential elements, a good booster, such as SHOGUN’s PK Warrior - capable of being used in any growing system – should also contain plant sterols to optimise your plants’ ability to absorb and utilise nutrients, providing targeted nutrients to aid in the reproductive stage of your crops.

2. What’s in a Ratio? (And Why PK Warrior Uses a 9/18 Formula)

There are several ratio options for PK boosters, with the lower number referring to the phosphorous quotient, with the higher value representing potassium. Shopping around you’re highly likely to see products advertising 13/14 formulas, but SHOGUN’s experts found this was not the optimum ratio for achieving what a PK booster should be designed to achieve. Most nutrient solutions contain an abundance of phosphorous, but it’s important to note that plants can only use a certain amount before the rest becomes superfluous, and in actual fact an excess can lead to a decline in bloom quality. Maintaining a healthy dose of potassium during flowering, however, plays a crucial role in sugar production. Hence SHOGUN’s research found a 9/18 ratio provided the best possible proportion of phosphorous and potassium – the perfect balance for boosting flower production over a longer period of time.

3. When to Use PK Products

As we’ve established, PK Boosters are designed for use during the flowering phase – particularly in the middle to later stages of this period - but for the best possible timing, use when flowers and fruits start to emerge - approximately four weeks into the flowering cycle. For best results continue to apply for a spell of four weeks.

Tip: Use SHOGUN’s Sumo Boost with PK Warrior for optimum effect. Sumo Boost uses phyto-hormones for enhancing flowering functions, and combining the two greatly increases your plants’ uptake and successful utilisation of PK Warrior.

4. Concentration and Dilution – How to Optimise Your Solution

An important factor to consider when you purchase a booster is that it’s not simply as easy as just adding your booster product to your current nutrient regime. It’s essential to do your sums and recognise that overdosing your plants with nutrients is almost always counterproductive. Plants require more nutrients during the growth phase than the flowering phase, because during the latter transpiration rises, and the resulting water loss forces your plants to take up more nutrient solution by way of compensation. So taking this into account it’s actually best practice to reduce your overall nutrient content from 20% up to 50% once you hit the flowering period and start applying your booster.

Tip: Save money by purchasing a concentrated booster such as PK Warrior. During the first week you need just 1mL/L and for the remaining spell just 0.5mL/L, providing great value for money before you even factor in the superior results.

5. PK Warrior’s Secret Ingredient: SmartZEN

Sometimes a PK booster can do with a boost itself, and in the case of PK Warrior this comes in the form of SHOGUN’s cutting-edge patented ingredient known as SmartZEN. SmartZEN is a revolutionary nutrient additive which has been shown to improve root development and growth, boost germination and yields, reduce plant stress, enhance chlorophyll density, vitalise plant health and much more besides.

Flowering Boosters – an obvious buying decision

At any stage in the plant cycle it’s imperative that the grower keeps an eye on the balance of nutrients. There is no “one size fits all” fertiliser that perfectly meets the needs of your plants in both their growth AND flowering phases, so if you want rapid yields, heavier crops, better aroma and flavour; a flowering booster is an essential part of your toolkit.

SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18

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