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Praise for Shogun

Love this stuff and good value for money.
-- RastaMouse
Shogun nutrients are very reliable. Highly recommended.
-- Hybrid
I would 100% recommend shogun to anyone out there . been using their product for over a year now , and it's fair to say I wont be changing any time soon . used correctly you can achieve amazing results
-- Daniel Robertson
Awesome gives great outcome
-- Tryhard
Love the shogun nutes and I’ll continue to use them
-- Boonatik
Katana Roots - Love this stuff. It’s liquid gold, worth the money. If you want a strong quality root zone.
-- Gary M
Would highly recommend, all round good brand that helped keep my plant healthy from start to finish.
-- Chimney_Chief
Absolutely love this range, I wouldn't change a thing about them 💪🌱
-- Growing