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Sumo Boost

  1. £14.95 250ml
  2. £34.95 1Ltr
  3. £129.95 5Ltr
  4. £199.95 10Ltr
  5. £419.95 25Ltr

Root Feed – Add at a rate of 1-2ml/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can, as soon as the flowering cycle starts and throughout until harvest. Do not use with hydrogen peroxide. If using active hydroponics or have a large nutrient tank, choose Sumo Active Boost as it will be more appropriate to your set-up.

Foliar Application – Add at a rate of 2ml/L and spray onto the leaves. Apply once when the flowering cycle starts and then again, 28 days later. The recommended pH for foliar application is – 5-7.

SHOGUN Sumo Boost is a heavyweight bio-stimulant without equal. Based on a natural compound called triacontanol it triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a powerful and targeted flowering response. Plant efficiency is maximized whilst quality, aroma and taste are improved via enhanced essential oil production.

Sumo Boost

Key Features

  • Contains a phyto-hormone shown to stimulate various flowering enhancing functions.
  • Stimulates growth, photosynthesis, yield, water and nutrient uptake and enzyme activity.
  • Stimulates secondary metabolite production and essential oil production in plants.
  • Use as a root feed throughout flowering but with targeted foliar applications for optimal effect.
  • Enhances the uptake and utilisation of SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 during flowering.
  • SHOGUN Sumo Boost may be used to stimulate growth in any stressed or under-performing crops.

Sumo Boost Feed Chart

Your medium:

Your water type:

Medium: Hydro Coco Soil

Water: Soft water Hard water

Cuttings and seedlings

Vegetative growth

Flowering growth

  • Superior Product
    Made in Britain
  • Supercharging Plant
    Growth Innovation
  • Research Driven by
    Dr. Callie Seaman
  • Independent 3rd
    Party Lab Tested

Feed composition

Flowering booster formulas are proprietary but most of them contain similar components: plant hormone-like compounds, amino acids, humic acids, or sea kelp extracts. Several reports highlight the beneficial physiological effects induced by the crop treatment with bio-stimulants, but the molecular mechanisms behind these effects are still emerging. Gene expression determines the plant’s phenotype, physiology and response to the environment. Therefore, analysis of gene expression can provide clues about regulatory mechanisms, biochemical pathways and broader cellular functions that are affected by flowering boosters and bio-stimulants. Nowadays, scientific techniques can rapidly and quantitatively measure the parallel expression of thousands of genes.

Sumo Boost contains a range of natural compounds that elicit a stimulation in growth, yield, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, uptake of water and nutrients, enzymes activities and contents of free amino acids, reducing sugars, soluble protein, and active constituents of essential oil in various crops. Sumo Boost contains a phyto-hormone that has been shown to stimulate the following processes:

  • Photosynthetic CO2 assimilation and increase cell growth.
  • Up-regulate the expression of genes associated with photosynthesis and photorespiration and down regulate genes associated with plant stress.
  • Stimulate cell division and increase chlorophyll content within a few days of application leading to an increase in fresh and dry weight.
  • Stimulate secondary metabolite production and essential oil production in plants.
  • Stimulate secondary messengers with potent growth-regulatory properties.
  • Increased the activity of certain enzymes and increased the Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium concentrations in certain fruit and flowers

Sumo Boost also contains modified amino acids that have several functions similar to those of the plant hormones – cytokinins. These act as anti-stressors in both biotic and abiotic stress conditions such as the stress induced by low and high environmental temperatures.

Shogun Sumo Boost contains a wide range of carbohydrates and sugars which can stimulate the defence mechanisms in treated plants. A number of these have been isolated and were found to be capable of eliciting D-glycanase and a-amylase (enzyme) activity. Fantastic value via highly favourable 1-2mL/L dilution rate. Used throughout flowering stage