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Samurai Coco Multipack

  1. £39.95 Multipack

With the arrival of the new year we thought it was the right time to give our favourite multipack a little upgrade.

The new design is exciting, fresh and new, but we can ensure you that it does not change any of the products inside. You can still enjoy your favourite additives Start, Katana Roots, CalMag, PK Warrior 9/18, Sumo Active Boost and Dragon Force together with our amazing base nutrients Samurai Coco A/B containing Smartzen® and Aquazen®.

Samurai Coco Multipack
  • Superior Product
    Made in Britain
  • Supercharging Plant
    Growth Innovation
  • Research Driven by
    Dr. Callie Seaman
  • Independent 3rd
    Party Lab Tested